Sea of Wellness Alternative Primary Care

About Us


Sea of Wellness Alternative Primary Care is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. The mission of Sea of Wellness is to provide integrated and alternative primary care to Seniors and low income families. We offer free community acupuncture and tai chi to these families and seniors to promote health and wellness and to preventive health and wellness solutions to help lower their health care cost. 

We solicit neighborhood clinics, churches and schools to support us with Sea of Wellness Community Clinics. Since, the COV19 pandermic, we are offering free community wellness workshops online, in addition links are available to Isha Foundation free programs that includes mediation, yoga and nutrition. Louis Hay's links are also provided for mental health and wellness. Dr. Akee has provided solutions for wellness that are free to you based on her practice of cultivation of Qi, life force or energy. Meditation, yoga, wudang, tai chi and martial applications are ways to stay health and well. Our goals are to infuse communities with wellness solutions.